What are the Three Aspects of Strong Nursing Home Cases?

Entrusting the care of a parent or loved one to a nursing home or care facility is not easy.  Typically it takes hours of research and visits to nursing homes and care facilities before a decision can be made.

Most nursing homes and care facilities work hard to win our trust. They tell us that they hire only experienced staff, keep meticulous records, and closely attend to the physical and emotional care of residents. They know that we not only look for these aspects in a nursing home, we demand them.

Unfortunately, the reality of the care provided for our loved ones often falls short of the care needed.   Some facilities do not hire experienced or caring staff.  Procedures and protocol are not always followed, and staff are not always closely monitored and reviewed.

As a result, our loved one pay the consequences.  Bed sores that should never have occurred.  Falls that should have been prevented. Choking that results in a tragic death.  In some cases, intentional physical abuse.

Do You Have a Strong Case?

If your loved one has been injured or has died as the result of nursing home or long-term care facility negligence, it is important to understand the three aspects of strong nursing home case.  The case must make sense:

  1. Medically – Did the nursing home or care facility violate a safety rule, policy, or procedure that they are required to follow?
  2. Legally – Did the violated policy or regulation cause the harm sustained by your loved one?
  3. Economically – Was there significant injury or damages that resulted from the nursing home or care facility’s actions or neglect?

Once we learn about your loved one’s case, we can determine the answers to these questions and make a decision about whether to accept your loved one’s case.

When Nursing Homes Do Not Take Care of Residents, We Take It Personally

Most nursing homes and care facilities are staffed with experienced and caring nurses and attendants, but when residents are injured or even die, we want answers.  We work tirelessly to review medical records, interview staff and residents, and work with doctors and other experts to determine if the nursing home or care facility was negligent in the care of your loved one.  When injury or death occur due to the wrongful actions or neglect, we work hard to hold accountable those responsible.

To learn more about how we may be able to help you, please call our office to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation.

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