NY Nursing Home Contracture Lawyer – What is Contracture?

Contracture is a type of rigidity brought about by a shortening and hardening of muscles, tendons, and skin.  It is also sometimes referred to as a “contracture deformity.”

When contracture develops, the normally elastic fiber tissues are replaced by non-elastic fiber tissues.  When this condition occurs over and around joints, the result is a distinct lack of movement in the joint, which in later stages can result in a complete lack of joint mobility.

In addition to the lack of movement, over time the body part affected will usually “curl up” depending upon the way that natural movement would be limited.  For example, contracture in hands might cause the hands and fingers to gradually become locked in a fist-like state, with fingers curling in towards the palms of the hand.

What Causes Contracture?

Contracture can develop from a variety of causes, including immobility. In order to prevent contracture from immobility, it is critical that those who are unable to walk or otherwise engage in movement involving a degree of stretching be assisted by therapists or healthcare providers who can help them move or stretch legs and other body parts, even while the person is in bed.

When contracture develops, it can result in severe pain and crippling immobility.  In advanced cases, surgery may be required to lessen the condition.

Liability for Contracture in Nursing Homes and Other Long-Term Facilities

When contracture occurs in a person who is a resident in a nursing home or long-term care facility or being served by home health care providers, it is important to understand why the contracture developed.  If it is determined that development was due to improper treatment and care, a lawsuit can be initiated against those responsible.  As nursing home negligence and contracture lawyers,  we represent clients throughout New York including Buffalo, Syracuse, Rochester, and Ithaca. Our role is to undertake an investigation using medical experts on behalf of our clients to determine whether negligence was the cause of our client’s contracture.

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Client Review

Mr. Friedlander and his staff were consistent and reliable. He was straight forward and up front about what we should expect when we consulted with and hired him after a family member died in a fall while under the care of a nursing home. Our case was settled and as a result the nursing home admitted their neglect. No amount of money could bring her back but at least the neglect didn’t go unchecked; perhaps someone else will not suffer the same fate since the facility has implemented new in service training.

Avvo 5 Star Review – Jan

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