Lies, Betrayal and Negligence – Why Nursing Home Injuries Occur

Nursing home, long-term care facilities, adult homes, and home health care providers usually do a good job in seeking to convey trust in promising to provide high-level care for our loved ones.  Often, they provide glossy brochures and employ friendly sales people.  Their facilities may look comfortable and inviting.  Based upon all of these positive signs, we and our loved ones make important decisions regarding future care, including the decision to trust care to these facilities and people.

When Our Trust is Broken

Tragically, in many cases this trust is broken, and our loved ones are injured and sometimes die as the result of neglect, abuse, and negligence.  Few things can be more upsetting than to see our loved ones harmed when the promises to care for them have been broken.

When injury and death result, we fight back on behalf of our clients and their families, and demand full accountability and compensation from those causing harm.

Injury and death often result in nursing homes and care facilities due to the following:

  • Lack of proper assessment.  Providers need to initially undertake a complete assessment to determine the specific needs and limitations of each resident based on their medical condition.
  • Lack of care planning.  Once a complete assessment has been undertaken, a plan of care must be made that will prescribe what actions need to be taken with respect to a particular resident in order to properly care for the resident.
  • The plan of care must be implemented.  Even the best care plan will not make a difference if it is not implemented.
  • Re-assessment of care plans.  As residents age or suffer illness or other conditions, their care plans need to be reassessed.  Often, these plans will need to be revised to take into account the changing needs of residents.
  • Re-implementation of the care plan.  When the revised care plan has been prepared, it too will need to be implemented.

In our experience, the majority of nursing home injuries can be traced back to the failure of one or more of these important steps.  As a result, the injuries and death that result in such failures are not unforeseen, but in fact are predictable. For instance, if a facility does not assess a resident correctly and realize that the resident cannot swallow food because of muscle conditions resulting from a stroke, no plan of care will be developed concerning feeding.  When a resident chokes after being give solid food, the choking is entirely foreseeable.

If Your Loved One Has Been Injured or Has Died as the Result of  Neglect, Abuse, or Negligence, Please Call Us

As New York nursing home injury and abuse lawyers, we understand the frustration, anger, and other emotions that arise when a loved one has been injured or has died as the result of nursing home, care facility, or healthcare provider neglect, abuse, or negligence.  The breach of the trust we place in these people and companies is not acceptable.

We have been representing clients and their families in nursing home and healthcare provider neglect, abuse and negligence cases for years throughout the state of New York, including Buffalo, Ithaca, Rochester, and Syracuse. We have successfully recovered compensation for clients in many types of cases, including those for chocking, bedsores and pressure sores, wandering, and wrongful death.  We accept difficult and legally complex cases involving liability and damages.

We typically represent clients on a contingency fee basis, meaning that there is no fee for us unless we recover compensation.  Please call us to schedule a free, no-obligation case consultation so that we can learn about your matter.    

Client Review

Mr. Friedlander and his staff worked with us diligently. He successfully settled the case of my loving father for me and we felt he was fighting for him even though he had never met him. We were kept informed as the case moved through the system. We were very satisfied with the settlement of the case.Mr. Friedlander and his staff were consistent and reliable. He was straight forward and up front about what we should expect when we consulted with and hired him after a family member died in a fall while under the care of a nursing home. Our case was settled and as a result the nursing home admitted their neglect. No amount of money could bring her back but at least the neglect didn’t go unchecked; perhaps someone else will not suffer the same fate since the facility has implemented new in service training.

5 Star Avvo Review – Marge

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