NY Nursing Home Physical & Sexual Abuse Lawyers – When Our Seniors are Injured, We Are Their Voice in Court

There are few things more tragic than a defenseless loved abused by those to whom their care has been entrusted.  When this happens to our clients, we fight back. We take these cases personally, and use our full efforts and the weight that the law provides to fully investigate cases of nursing home abuse and to hold the perpetrators liable.

There is no excuse for the abuse of our elderly.  In addition to the civil remedies provided under law, in some cases the abuse may also constitute a crime, and may be a violation of both general criminal statutes as well as specific statutes designed to protect seniors.

While we have no jurisdiction over criminal prosecution, we can and will initiate litigation and seek to recover full compensation for our clients for the pain and suffering, injuries, and other damages that result from nursing home abuse and neglect.

Nursing Home Abuse Injuries

Nursing home abuse injuries may include the following:

  • Physical abuse, such as:
    • Slapping,
    • Punching,
    • Unnecessary physical restraint,
    • General rough treatment, such as “manhandling” residents when they are being moved;
  • Sexual abuse, which can come in many different forms;
  • Mental abuse, which can include:
    • Verbal threats,
    • Humiliation,
    • Harassment, and
    • Other forms of mental abuse.

It’s important for family members to carefully pay attention to their loved ones so that suspected nursing home abuse can be identified.  Changes in personality, sudden difficulty in moving or favoring certain body parts, and signs of trauma (such as bruising) are all signs that abuse may have occurred.

Wrongful Death from Abuse

In some tragic cases, abuse can lead to death.  Death does not always occur immediately; rather abuse can result in injuries which can lead to medical complications that can cause death.

In these cases, meticulous investigation will be required, including consultation with physicians and medical experts.  Additionally, we will want to understand from a medical opinion whether the abuse can be deemed to be a direct result of a death.  If it can, eligible family members (as set forth under New York law) will also be entitled to bring a nursing home wrongful death case.  As nursing home wrongful death lawyers, we will seek additional damages for the loved ones left behind.

How We Can Help the Victims of Nursing Home Abuse

As New York nursing home abuse lawyers, we are dedicated in our efforts to obtain for our clients every penny to which our clients are entitled.  We work with a single-minded purpose to fully develop the nursing home abuse and negligence claims for our clients to show liability and damages, and to show defendants how they are liable.  In the course of any settlement discussions, if the defendants are not willing to pay what we believe to be owed, we will take them to trial and let a jury determine liability and damages.

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There is no obligation, and we can explain your rights and how we may be able to help once we understand what happened.  Unless otherwise agreed, we represent nursing home abuse cases on a contingency fee basis, meaning that we are only entitled to a fee if we are successful in obtaining a recovery for you.

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