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It takes only a moment to make a medication error that can lead to serious injury or death.  Unfortunately, medication errors are not uncommon.

In a landmark report by the Institute of Medicine (IOM) in 2006, the IOM cited a study that calculated that over 800,000 adverse drug events (ADEs) likely occur each year in long-term care facilities. ADEs can result from adverse reactions to drugs that are administered exactly as prescribed, as well as from errors in drug prescription or administration.   (The report itself does not differentiate between these causes.)

In a nursing home facility, because of decreased mental capacity of many residents due to dementia or other diseases or conditions, those to whom medication is given may not realize if they are given the wrong medication or the wrong dosage.   Additionally, many residents require many different types of pills and drugs, each of which must be given a different number of times each day.  As a result, great care must be taken to ensure that medication is properly administered.

No One Knows Exactly How Many Medication Errors Occur at Nursing Homes Each Year

In all likelihood, thousands of residents are injured or killed annually through medication errors.  Medication errors can occur as the result of:

  • Giving the wrong medication,
  • Giving too much medication,
  • Failing to provide medication,
  • Giving medication that is known to have an adverse reaction with another medication,
  • Not following proper procedures for administering medication.

When Medication Errors Result in Injury or Death, It’s Important to Determine Responsibility

When a medication error occurs to our client, we want to know the full set of circumstances that led to the error.  While there are a variety of causes that can result in medication errors, often medication errors are the result of inadequate training, overworked staff, poor medication distribution procedures, or a lack of understanding about the specific needs of residents.

In the case of a nursing home medication error, we will carefully investigate all aspects of medication prescription and administration in order to uncover the truth as to exactly what happened.  This is the only way to determine whether liability exists, and who may be liable.

When our clients have suffered as the result of nursing home negligence, they are entitled to compensation.  It is our job to prove their case so that they can obtain full and fair damages for their injuries.

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We represent nursing home residents, and the families of those who have suffered as the result of a medication error while in the care of a nursing home  throughout the state of New York, including Buffalo, Ithaca, and Syracuse.

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