Spotting the Signs of Nursing Home Abuse

Physical and Sexual Abuse

The signs of physical abuse are often evident through bruising and other skin discoloration, broken bones, and other physical injuries.  In many cases, those responsible for causing injury will attempt to cover up the signs of abuse through clothing, blankets, or other coverings.  They may even instruct the resident to “keep covered up” so that the injuries are not exposed.

As a result, family members should closely monitor their loved one when visiting and pay close attention if their loved one does not seem to act “normal,” or if their loved one seems to have difficulty in certain types of movements.  Families, more than anyone else, are usually able to get a feeling if “something isn’t right.”

If this is the case, the family should ask their loved one about what happened, if it appears that an injury has occurred, outside the presence of nursing home staff.  Then, nursing home staff can be asked about the injury.  It will be important to determine if the stories of the resident and staff are consistent.

Mental Abuse

Additionally, if it appears that “something isn’t right,” it’s important to watch a resident’s reaction around the different staff members providing care to see if a particular staff member seems to elicit a particularly strong or adverse reaction.

If this is the case, your loved one may be the victim of mental abuse.  If you suspect that this is the case, you should discuss this with your loved one to see if more information can be learned.

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