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Our firm is devoted to helping the residents of nursing home abuse and neglect get full and fair compensation for their injuries and the indignities that they have suffered.  When death occurs, we help families seek justice on behalf of their loved one.

Our Goal – Hold Nursing Homes Accountable for Their Actions and Neglect so that Future Harm Can Be Avoided

We are dedicated not only to helping the injured and their families recover, but also to helping prevent future abuse and neglect.  Through years of representing clients in nursing home abuse and neglect cases, we have found that the factors behind tragic injuries and death stem from poor management, cost-cutting measures (which transfer responsibilities from trained medical professionals to untrained attendants), and facility philosophies that ignore basic human rights.  These are all unacceptable.

ManorCare Health Services – Pottsville

In a PennLive article, ManorCare was referred to as the most-understaffed nursing home in Pennsylvania based upon an analysis of the number of hours of service provided to residents during the day, and how much care came from registered nurses (RNs), certified nurse assistants (CNAs), and licensed practical nurses (LPNs).  The article noted that at least 4.1 hours of care per day should come from such professionals.

The ManorCare facility had the lowest number of hours in the PennLive study, with a total of only 2.77 hours.  Just .2 hours of this total came from RNs, and only .76 hours came from LPNs.  Those with the lowest educational requirement – CNAs – provided 1.81 hours of service.

Similarly, ManorCare has received poor ratings from the Nursing Home Compare, with a 1 star rating as of March 29, 2017, which is considered “Much Below Average”.  U.S. News & World Report also gave the Pottsville ManorCare facility a 1 star rating out of 5 stars.

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