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Home to approximately 300,000 people and approximately equidistant from Bethlehem and Allentown, Northampton County has a number of nursing home facilities to care for seniors.  While some of these facilities have staff and mangers devoted to providing excellent care to our seniors and loved ones, other facilities provide limited professional care, which can put residents at significant risk of injury or illness.

In order to determine how much care is actually provided to Pennsylvania nursing home residents, in 2016 PennLive conducted an exhaustive investigation by looking at care documentation required to be kept by Pennsylvania nursing homes to determine how many hours of care each day nursing home residents received from registered nurses (RN), licensed practical nurses (LPN), and certified nurse assistants (CNA). In its report, PennLive noted that healthcare experts recommend that at least 4.1 hours of care from such providers be given to nursing home residents each day.  PennLive examined public records for 2015 for its report.

Gracedale-Northampton County Home

In PennLive’s study, a number of nursing homes came up remarkably short of the number of care hours recommended by experts.  As an example, in Northampton County, the Gracedale-Northampton County Home provided only 2.78 hours of care per day, which was the second lowest (by only .01 hours) of all nursing homes in Pennsylvania examined by this study.

More specifically, PennLive found the following number of care hours per day per resident at Gracedale for 2015:

  • .39 hours of RN care (less than 24 minutes/day)
  • .71 hours of LPN care
  • 68 hours of CNA care

Our Seniors Deserve More

The amount of care at many homes provided to our seniors is often so substandard that it is not surprising when they suffer from bed sores, falls, infections, and many other injuries that are a direct result of neglect.  Nursing homes should be a means of providing attentive care to our elders at a time in their lives when they most need it – not a place for simply housing our loved ones through their final days.

Our Firm Holds Nursing Homes Accountable for their Failure to Provide Sufficient Care

If a loved one has been harmed or injued in a nursing home, please call our firm to learn how we can help.  We have decades of experience in representing clients injured in nursing homes as the result of abuse and neglect.

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